Celebrate a Girls Night Out 30th Birthday

West Palm Beach is one of 3 big cities in South Florida. Like much of Florida, West Palm Beach has a top history and vibrant wildlife due to its tropical rainforest atmosphere. Fun things to do in West Beach contain visiting the Norton Museum of Art and viewing tropical plants from 6 containments at Mounts Botanical Garden.

If you are thinking about giving West Palm beach Florida a try, here are girls 30th party ideas in Palm Beach Florida.

Scuba diving

When you scuba dive here, you do not swim – you ride the Gulf Stream. It is known as drift diving, and perfectly all you do is breath and remain as still as easy. As you float by, you will view sharks, turtles, and various other things from Disney movies. After you are done drifting, a boat will pick up.

Clematis street

The 4 blocks of Clematis street are lined with restaurants and bars like Rocco’s Tacos, World of Beer and Bar. It ends in the city commons, an amphitheater, a waterfront place that spec docks, and a fountain that wild kids run via screaming. Every Thursday is Clematis by Night, a show series in the park. Here is a great place to get hula dancers for hire to come out and celebrate any event.

The Florida Keys

If you are looking for tropical locations to go for your 30th birthday party without leaving the America, the Hawaii or Florida Keys are the way to go. Have fun enjoying on Key West Beaches, exploring historical places and dinning at best restaurants.

 Or checked into secluded island resort where you will be pampered with sunset views, massages and attentive service. Fly to Miami and spend a night dancing in South Beach before going on beautiful road trip to the Florida Keys.

Baseball spring

Spring is when all baseball fans can be confident, and scores do not matter. You can experience this special blend of optimism and worthlessness just up the road in Jupiter at Roger Dean Stadium. Two pro teams perform their training there, Miami Marlins and the St. Louis Cardinals.

Norton museum of art

On Thursday, the Norton Art Museum purees the globe of film, art and music into flavorful, rich and nourishing cultural stew. You can  check out their real collection and rotating shows while listing to indie bands or snacking from food carts.

Golf courses for girls night out birthday party

Palm beach county has the most golf course of any Florid county. Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus live here. For that matter, the PGA lives here – its headquarters is in Gardens Palm Beach.